Free software = got it. So happy to be using it.

Booted Trisq up on the Acre Aspire 1, works well - thanks all for your help.

For anyone else with a new AA1 - Was just a matter of holding down F2 - which took me to the BIOS (right word?) where I put Triquel to the top of the list & then had to navigate to 'security' to get rid of the 'secure boot'.

Have used open office for years, so Trisquel suits me fine + the interface is simple, clean & pleasant. IMO simplicity is an art.

I'd like to full install Trisqel & get rid of Gates crapy windows completely. However I'm not sure that the wifi is working properly. Basically, when running Trisqel the wifi button shows: 'Enable Networks', but there's no 'Enable Wifi' button showing, nor any wifi networks listed.

I need wifi, as that's what this computer was essentially for.

Maybe Stripey can help clarify, as you have an AA1?

Hey, thanks again everyone.

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