2018-03-11T15:25:07+0100 ame...@amenex.com wrote:
> The website uses the ASP server-side programming language, which
> requires a Microsoft server, and the sourcecode of the website
> expects Internet Explorer (IE 11).

That seems to be an issue in development practices, I also see other
websites that are programmed in ASP server-side language. I do want to
point out that, as far as I know, the language they use server-side
shouldn't impose problems for us. So it's really the developer human
being in the chair who is causing this issue.

So please contact the website owners and also the developers and suggest
them to change this behavior. You can use the Action items ([1])
LibrePlanet wiki page to ask other people to do the same for the same
website, so it would not be "just you/one" person complaining.

[1] https://libreplanet.org/wiki/Action_items .

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