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> Thank you Aarre,
> yes, the student hat is very good. i started it last year and the next
> thing on the checklist is the first lecture where he talks about different
> flying technologies etc.
> But fortunately I never was involved in the church. The RonsOrgs only
> consist of nice people with good intentions. There is one in Munich and one
> in Frankfurt a. Main founded by Capt. Bill. In Switzerland lead by Max and
> Erica Hauri who are great people who always treated me kindly.
> Four times i attended the camp in les verrieres for hard tr and study tech.
> what i find strange is that there are OTs that still smoke. maybe they have
> abilities to control the toxins or have the consideration that the body isnt
> that important... i dont know :-)
    I think they have issues, need a full glass of red wine with vitamin B1
chaser, and the next day they need to do TROM.   There's
    one OT 8,  Class 8 at the Toronto org in Canada who has been senior C/S
for years now;  I tried to be friendly towards her in my
    naive, slightly obseqious (look that up in the dictionary !)  way .  Her
name is Louise Erison.   She seemed resentful, and not all
    all what I thought and OT 8 should act like.  Pardon, me, but I thought
an OT 8 would be compassionate, empathetic, willing to
    pan-determinadly see my viewpoint,   and be at least enthusiastic (4.0)
on the tone scale !!   She was resentful, and had a ser-
    fac'y 'holier than thou' attitude.  This is extremely contrary on LRH's
policy letter about clears needing to show a good appearance
    of what clear is.  Forgive me, but I forgot the PL's exact name.   This
is extremely out-pr not only for the state of clear, but even
    more so for the state  of OT.   My only conclusion was that she was
sitting on massive witholds of long duration that she couldn't
    talk about;  in other words, what's called a 'missed withold
phenomenom'.   Maybe she didn't get out of the level what she was
    promised to get;   I wouldn't be surprised at all.   For fear that
you may state that I'm nattering also, which I may be,   she is not a
    friendly buddy at all !  Look up perfunctory in the dictionary, and
you'll know what I mean.

> and yes, i experienced OTs with compulsions. compulsive talker.
> but as i said, all nice trustworthy people. much different than churchies.
> i have a hard time on level 2 but every session is a progress. i dont fall
> back, no win is ever lost. an hour RI then im okay. nothing can stop me to
> go on. not even me :)) if i try i´ll kick my butt. just kidding... can
> anyone tell me where i am? :-)
> i dont need my mind anymore. anyone wants to buy it?
> you guys already feel like family!
> alex
> 2011/10/23 Aarre Peltomaa <peltomaa.aa...@gmail.com>
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>> Hi Alex,                Oct. 22/'11             Aarre
>> Of course, only the pluspoints (rightnesses),  and not the outpoints
>> (wrongnesses) will do us any good.
>> A short list per my opinion:
>> Pluspoints;
>> - study tech really works excellently.  I did the Student Hat course, and
>> had excellent results.  I use the tech everyday.  Includes the
>> tech for clearing up the meanings of words;  excellent technology.  No one
>> else has this apparently.
>> - introduced the subject and possibility of being spiritual beings to
>> those who didn't have a clue, like I didn't in 1974, when I first was
>> contacted in Washington, D.C. to take the communication course.  It was an
>> entrance point for me, so should be acknowledged heavily for it's first
>> illumination of spirituality to me, and others.
>> - admin tech.  much sensible data.
>> - ethics conditions.  invaluable and needed by everyone.
>> - data evaluation course.  excellent tech on finding the 'why' (the reason
>> for something).
>> - objectives processes.  like CCH's and others.  really help to extrovert
>> a being's viewpoint to outwards.
>> - Purification Rundown (program).   really worked to get toxins and
>> radiation out of my body, and free up my attention.
>> - Communication Formula and Cycle.  allows sane communications between
>> beings.  I've never seen it stated so well anywhere else.
>> - an introduction to the mind with 'Dianetics, the Modern Science of
>> Mental Health', which opened the mind up for millions;  although
>> TROM is far more simple and easy to run, and more far-reaching in results.
>> etc. etc.
>> Outpoints;
>> - OT 3 level is supposed to be so difficult, but Dennis says that  it only
>> applies to people who think that they have a 'haunted mind' with demons and
>> implants in it.  Dennis downplays the importance of implants, and has a few
>> remedies for them in the tapes.
>> - too much money;  $300,000 to go spiritually free?  OT VII's that I
>> witnessed still have minds and aberrations.  Anita Warren paid
>>    $100,000 to get her OT Eligibility, only to be put on endless Security
>> Checks.  She said enough, and left the church.
>> - too much time talking to and kissing up to the ethics officer.
>> - threats of being kicked out if one doesn't do it the Scientology way.
>> - OSA ( The Office of Special Affairs ), of which I was a member from 1985
>> - 1988.   It is now like a paranoid police organization, not
>> not like an organization promoting spiritual freedom.  One member called
>> Joe, lied to me when he told me that I stole his harmonica when I was on
>> staff there and living in the same room number 626 of the main building that
>> he lived in.  He's gone 'bleeping' nuts !
>> - too much damn complexity of auditing tech.  so many rundowns and
>> correction lists, and lists to correct the correction lists !   Volumes and
>> volumes of data.   Dennis' manual is less than 200 pages long.  Lafayette
>> Ronald Hubbard once said that complexity is a symptom of non-confront.  LRH
>> didn't confront the simplicity and power of postulates in their raw form.
>> They create everything
>> in the physical universe, and any other universe.  As Dennis said, he was
>> close, but didn't make it.  Dennis did make it !  Listen to Dennis' lectures
>> on this.
>> - got to go downtown, and be on time, instead of doing it in your own
>> space.   office buildings cost a lot of money to maintain, and we in TROM
>> don't have any.
>> - the technical bulletins and policy letters called 'Safeguarding
>> Technology' and 'Keeping Scientology Working' are suppressive to the extent
>> that they don't allow any further development by anyone other than LRH.  He
>> dropped his body in 1986, so he doesn't write any more bulletins.  Can we
>> assume that LRH was perfect and that his tech was perfect.  No.  People have
>> been on NOTS
>> (New Era Dianetics for OT's ) for years and years, just as Dennis
>> stated.   Wasting time handling implants, when you should be
>> handling the postulates/goals that created the implants in the first place
>> is mostly a waste of time.  Very entertaining and interesting, but how
>> wasteful of time and money.
>> etc., etc.,
>> Thanks, your friend,
>> Aarre Peltomaa
>> peltomaa.aa...@gmail.com
>> (647) 202-7267
>> - David Miscavage runs the church like a dictator.  Freedom of expression
>> isn't allowed.
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>>> Hi Trommers,
>>> just a question thats on my mind: what is wrong about LRH-tech? not the
>>> application by the church, just the tech.
>>> and, are there any other germans on this list besides leo?
>>> yours
>>> alex
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