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I have been digging out some more info from the book "DIANETICS 55!"
from which I hope it is of relevance for you right now.

What might interest all those who are concerned with TROM
are the unmistakable resemblances of TROMs basics and this
LRH data. I've quoted it below for your convenience.

David, there is even something contained which might shed light
on the subject of "To BE" which you recently brought up.
(Ron uses the willingness to understand and the willingness to be

One of the most significant differences from man to man is the
degree to which he is willing to be Pan-Determined. The man who has
to forcefully control everything in his vicinity, including his family, is not
being Self-Determined, usually, much less Pan-Determined. He is not
being his family. If he were being his family, he would understand why
they are doing what they are doing and he would not feel that there
was any danger or menace in their going on executing the motions or
emanating the emotions which they do. But, anchored down as one
person, rather obsessed with the damage that can be done to him or
those around him, an individual is apt to launch himself upon a course
of heavy, solid, super-control of others. Now let’s take the person who
is Self-Determined and Pan-Determined in the same situation, and we
discover that he would have enough understanding in the vicinity of his
family and others’ families, and with this understanding would be willing

to be and experience as the remainder of the family, and he would find
out that he actually could control the family with considerable ease. The
oddity of it is that force can control down into entheta – to
enturbulation – but that a Pan-Determinism controls upward into
greater happiness and understanding since there is more ARC present.
You have seen individuals around whom a great deal of peace and
quiet obtained. Such individuals quite commonly hold into sanity and
cheerfulness many others in their environment who are not basically
stable or Self-Determined at all. The individual who is doing this is not
doing it out of obsession, he is doing it simply by knowing and being.
He understands what people are talking about because he is perfectly
willing to be these people. When he falls away from understanding
what they are talking about he has also fallen away from being willing
to be them. The willingness to understand, the willingness to be are,
for our purposes, synonymous.
Now how does this Pan-Determinism tie into communication?
We have seen that difficulties arise on the cycle of communication
and on the two-way cycle of communication where origins of
communication, answers and acknowledgements were scarce. It must
be, then, that the individual becoming aberrated through
communication, must have conceived the necessity of another
determinism. In other words, one has to fall away from PanDeterminism to get into any of the traps of communication at all.
It is a very fortunate thing for us that Pan-Determinism exists,
otherwise there would be absolutely no way whatsoever out of this
maze of mis-communication that a person gets into. The only way out
of it would be to have other people come around and do enough
talking and go to enough movies, and seek out another SelfDeterminism which could communicate and make it communicate until
one were sane. However, it doesn’t have to be worked out in an
unlimited sense in this way. The oddity is that it works out in „mockup.“ Further, it works out best in mock-up, for in mock-up we introduce
the idea of Pan- Determinism.
When we ask somebody to get the idea that somebody else is
present, who is not, and then have him make this person give him
answers, we discover after a while that some major aberrations have
blown out of our preclear. In the first part the preclear is actually
remedying the scarcity of answers – or, if these were being processed,

originals or acknowledgements – and is so disentangling
communication lines. The sense of what he would mock the person up
as saying would have nothing to do with it. The communication could be
almost pure gibberish as long as it was an answer. This would
straighten out the bank to a very marked degree. The other factor
which enters into this is Pan-Determinism. We are making the individual
actually mock up somebody else and make somebody else say
something. In other words, we are making our preclear take over the
control, the start, change and stop of another communication medium.
And with further test and experiment we discover that we can do this
for all the Dynamics, and when we have done this for all the Dynamics
we have brought our preclear up to a point where he is willing to
monitor communications on all the Dynamics. And when he is willing to
do this, and get origins, answers, and acknowledgements along all the
Dynamics, we find that we have a very serene person who can do the
most remarkable things. Anything you have read concerning the
potential abilities of the Clear, and a lot more, comes true when we
follow this course. So it is a very fortunate thing for us that PanDeterminism exists. Otherwise there would be no processing anybody.
Remember, when you are explaining this to people, that it is
willingness to control on any and all Dynamics, and that it is not an
obsessive or compulsive control to own, protect, or hide on any
Dynamic. All the ills of Earth come from an obsession to own, control,
protect and hide on other Dynamics than Self. The true enlightenment
of this world has come from Willingness to be along any of the
One of the things which gives truth to Pan-Determinism is the
savageness with which the aberrated attempt to drive an individual
away from anything resembling Pan-Determinism. This is simply an
obsessive action on the part of people to climb up to Pan-Determinism
by force. Pan-Determinism cannot be climbed by force. The ladder to
that height is not made of pikes and spears, spankings and police
forces. It is made of Understanding, Affinity, Reality and Communication
<end quote>



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