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Good thread.

1.  Re: the deletion of (or clearing of) undesirable, unwanted, false and
limiting  postulates or implants.

In my experience, that may be the biggest challenge in any clearing process.

I once read where someone said that he checked all through scn  and could
not find any tech to effectively delete such unwanted data, in other words
there is no tech to get rid of unwanted postulates.

I have not been though  all scn data, so I do not know if that is correct
or not.

If someone  knows different,  please post accordingly.

2. But what has puzzled me for many yrs, is that according to scn data:

are the four abilities of a thetan.

The only two of which I can remember at this moment are, and of which are
important for me to make my point:



3. can bring things into  existence.

4. can take things out of existence.

(Someone who knows what the other two are, please fill in the blanks.)

If number 4  is correct,  then that ability should be able to be used to
get rid of postulates,   and if so, how could that ability be use to get of


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> Hi Vorb,
> interesting account. Please find below some remarks interspersed into
> your text.
> I just finished another 50 hours of TROM auditing, so it's time to
>> report it :)
>> You can read my previous reports here:
>> 100 hours: http://lists.newciv.org/pipermail/trom/2016-March/005194.html
>> 150 hours: http://lists.newciv.org/pipermail/trom/2016-August/005376.html
>> 200 hours: http://lists.newciv.org/pipermail/trom/2016-November/005538.
>> html
>> When doing TROM, it seems that every 20-30 hours there is a change of
>> auditing characteristics in my case. So this 50 hours can also be broken
>> into 2 different parts. I will write a definite time, but these things
>> start to happen unnoticed by me, and go into full effect in 5-10 hours.
>> TROM From 200 - 225 hours
>> First of all I'm still yawning like crazy, about 80-90% of the time.
>> Almost immediately after I wrote my last report, there was a change.
>> What I was doing was level 5, put the postulates into the wall,
> Vorb, you say "postulates" (plural). If you talking about more than one
> line in the PFCC (Postulate Failure Cycle Chart) then this is correct.
> But if you mean only one particular line of the chart then it makes no
> sense to put _all_ the involved postulates into the wall or wherever.
> You should strictly distinguish those both postulates involved in any
> single line of the chart: One is the postulate you make (that's the class
> of SELF) and the other one is your opponent's postulate (that's the class
> of NOT SELF respectively the class of OTHER). Dennis' suggests to put the
> OTHER's postulate into the wall or into any location which is not your
> location. This is a trick to make it easier for you to not mix up the
> postulate at your side with the postulate at the OTHER's side. Therefore
> you would only place the OTHER's postulate in the wall - or wherever.
> While you make your own postulate right where _you_ are - just as you would
> do in real life. You should keep them strictly apart from each other.
> Apart in terms of location and as well in regard of ownership.
> I refer you to Dennis' tape where he explains step by step how to go
> through the chart (the first four chart-lines).
> wait until events show up, then immediately drop down to level 2 and
>> timebreak them, but in this period I could no longer timebreak events.
>> Whenever and event showed up, and I tried to timebreak it, the yawning
>> stopped and soon I wandered away. So after many hours I completely given
>> up on trying to timebreak. I was just running level 5, put out some
>> postulates, and just see the myriad of events/faces/sounds that come
>> one after the other.
> Ok, and all those things that show up, be it images, feelings, emotions
> should be timebroken.
> This kept my yawning the whole time. Interesting
>> to note, that those events were not necessary the contents of my memory.
>> An example: I'm running the I must know leg,
> This would be four lines of the chart. The Leg is #3, the lines are:
> 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B. Right?
> and just imagine situations
>> when I am saying to somebody: Why don't you tell me, in different tones
>> (like saying it angrily, sadly, etc). So oftentimes I was just imagining
>> situations, but the yawning was just coming, so I continued. Of course
>> I also run a lot of memories of mine.
> To be sure: Do you actively "imagine situations" or make up that
> inner dialogues here? Or do they kind of pop-up while you hold the both
> postulates in suspension?
> Please keep in mind that L5 is about postulates only. You do not run
> incidents
> or mock up things knowingly. This might be unusual compared to other
> auditing
> styles. Again I refer you to the L5 tape. Certainly, when something comes
> up, anything that the bank might hand you out, you would time brake it bit
> by
> bit; or as a whole - if you up to it. But that is quite different from what
> you do when you mock something up or make deliberately contact to e.g. an
> engram or whatever it may be on your track. I'm only mentioning this to be
> sure we know what we're talking about.
> TROM from 225-250 hours (and still going on)
>> I got angry in sessions, but I was still yawning. This was the worst.
>> In the last 2 months I managed to increase my daily TROM time from
>> 1 hour/day to 2 hours/day. Well, I had to give that up. Feeling the
>> anger for 1 hour totally depleted me emotionally.
>> I started to yell
>> and shout during sessions, just to release that energy somehow.
> What about RI? Ok, subjective RI does not work well with some people.
> It's a limited process. Perhaps you simply try with havingness which
> involves physical action. E.g. take a walk, run, any other sport, clean
> your
> home, hug trees, ...
> Interesting that any person I was running I got angry with him/her.
> Do not expect that there is logic in the reactive mind. It will
> fall apart sooner or later.
> The need to timebreak returned and it worked again. Hell there was
>> an event I was timebreaking for almost 3 hours, which brings me
>> to another change: perception. I just noticed that all the time
>> before, I wasn't viewing the events from my viewpoint but from an
>> exterior point. As soon as I started to view the event from how
>> I actually saw it, the yawning and the anger go much stronger.
>> Also perceptions got better, seeing more details, actually hearing people
>> smelling odors returned to me.
> Great!
> I don't claim to have photographic
>> memory, I'm very far from there, but when I timebreak and event, after
>> some time there may come an increase in perception, which forces more
>> yawning and more anger. So I have to repeat timebreaking as many
>> times as new perceptions come in.
>> My auditor says, that this is very good. My ability to confront increases
>> so my reactive mind now throws up the next emotional level after boredom
>> which is anger. So next should come fear, terror and then sadness and so
>> on. I'm traveling down the tone scale. I never thought about it that way.
> I agree only so far with the above, as within a short period of time e.g.
> inside a session a drop in tone is acceptable. Those minus emotions
> mentioned
> above can and will certainly occur occasionally. But if such a decline
> down-
> scale happens over a period of sessions there is something terribly wrong.
> Antagonism (2.0) is actually high relative to society's tone. It represents
> the pivot point on the scale. Below a being goes towards succumb, above
> towards survival.
> That's about it for now.
>> Since I moved back to 1 hour/day my next 50 hours will probably take 2-3
>> months to complete, unless I learn to confront anger more.
>> Any comments / advices are welcome!
>> Until then, happy tromming everybody:
>> The Vorb
> Best wishes
> Robin
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