Go to your favorite copy store tell them you want to copy one page of this copyrighted booklet.
See what happens
Copyright protects the right to copy and or distrubute among other things
What we have been discussing is called "FAIR USE"
The more you copy the less likely it will be considered FAIR
In addition to be FAIR it must offer some other value than being just a copy. EG> Educational or commentary

Dave Hansen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
DAVEH:   Responding to Kevin.....It seemed to me that he posted the entire text of each song.

    Responding to Kevin....I think you are wrong about that.  If you wrote a book, the law would allow me to quote very small portions of it in a review I might post.  However, if I were to post the whole book, even though I were not making any money from it, you would be harmed because a reader would be able to know what I was thinking without buying the book from you.

    Furthermore....I think the music industry is particularly sensitive to protecting copyrighted material right now.   But....As always, I may be wrong....       :-)

Kevin Deegan wrote:
It is my understanding that you may post - print PORTIONS not complete works.

David Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
DaveH asks Gary:
> You've repeatedly posted copyright material
> on TT. Doesn't that violate copyright restrictions?

I'm not a lawyer, Dave, but my understanding is that there is no problem
with copying portions of an author's material for noncommercial use. The
copyright laws are meant to protect the author from Gary going out and
trying to make money off of the author's work. There also would be another
problem, and that is if Gary's activity somehow hurt the author's sales.
For example, if people did not need to buy the author's work because Gary
provided it to them free of charge. Posting lyrics to songs on TruthTalk
does not damage the author from my perspective. If anything, it mi ght
provide free advertising for him, maybe even help his sales if people get
interested in the author's work because of what Gary has posted. The bottom
line is that one must look at whether or not any damage is done to the
author when copying his material.

David Miller

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