On 2016-10-12 06:10, Clemens Hupka wrote:
> If i remember well, it worked this way (but i haven't tested it again) in 
> class Party:
>     @classmethod
>     def search(cls, domain, offset=0, limit=None, order=None, count=False, 
> query=False):
>         newdom = []
>         for item in domain:
>             if item[0]=="address":
>                 newdom.append([u"address.zip"], item[1], item[2])
>             else:
>                 newdom.append(item)
>         return super(Party, cls).search(newdom, offset=offset, limit=limit, 
> order=order, count=count, query=query)
> In this case if you enter "address: put-zip-code-here" it should give you 
> all parties with this zip code...

Indeed it is not a good practice to override ModelStorage.search.
And by the way, it is not needed because the rec_name search on address
already search for zip (city and party). So if you put the addresses on
the party list view (could be tree_invisible), you will be able to
search with this filter:

    Addresses: <zip>

Of course it could show you also party with a city containing the zip
code. So if you really want to have strict search than you should search
on the addresses but we do not have a relate to open the parties from
there. I think this will be a good improvement.

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