2016-08-04 17:27 GMT+02:00 Fabián <fabia...@gmail.com>:

> - Many times Tryton hang up. Seems as it happens in the process when
> convert ODT to PDF. In server I see there a lot of processes in background.
> I put a few of them [2]. When processes are hang up, it is no possible to
> pay any invoice because of the problem.

We have had this problem for some time, and used the following approach :

  - Start a standalone unoconv server process
  - Patch trytond to connect to this running instance using pipe

Also, which version of office are you using ? We had a rather old
instance running which used LibreOffice version 3.5.4, and upgrading
to 4.X made a huge difference (still some crashes, but not nearly as
much as before).

Finally, you should check the child process error code (in the actual
call to unoconv), it contains the actual openoffice error code, which
may help you find the root cause.

See :

Jean Cavallo

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