2016-09-19 10:18 GMT+02:00 Cédric Krier <cedric.kr...@b2ck.com>:

> > 2016-08-04 17:27 GMT+02:00 Fabián <fabia...@gmail.com>:
> >   - Patch trytond to connect to this running instance using pipe
> The patch to replace wait by communicate is interesting as there is a
> warning in the doc:
> https://docs.python.org/2.6/library/subprocess.html#subprocess.Popen.wait
> And the logger for bad returncode also.
> The close_fds should only be set on non-Windows OS.
> > See :
> > https://github.com/coopengo/trytond/blob/master/trytond/
> report/report.py#L258
> A patch will be welcomed.

We use the "--no-launch" flag in our command line, and we manually have
to start a unoconv process apart from the trytond process, so this would be
some sort of "breaking" change in the way the server start is handled.

Our deployment stack automatically handles restarting the unoconv process
when it crashes (it still happens randomly), but I do not see how we could
integrate it directly in the trytond server.

Jean Cavallo

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