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> Dear Community,
> We have many cash counters at our hospital where Cash Clerks prepare 
> invoices for various services/goods rendered to Customers. The customers 
> pay Cash to the Cash Clerks to settle the invoice amount. 
> What the finance department wants is that at the end of the shift every 
> Cash Clerk comes to finance department with the cash collected and hands it 
> to over to some Senior Cashier. Now the senior cashier wants to confirm 
> that Cash Clerk has handed over all the money against all the invoices he 
> received payments from customers. In other words, we want to have a 
> financial document (or statement) showing all the payments received by a 
> Cash Clerk and - one statement for one per cash clerks one shift.
> How can it be achieved using Tryton?. We are using GNU Health modules too.

Since 3.8, there is a report based on cash journals, see

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