> Your ir.report record must have pdf extension selected. Then tryton will 
> use unoconv [1] to convert from odt to pdf. You should configure the 
> parameters used on your config file. See: 
> http://doc.tryton.org/4.0/trytond/doc/topics/configuration.html#report 
> This will work for both tryton client (gtk and sao) as the process is 
> done on server side. 

In the config.py has this code default self.set('report', 'unoconv', 
'pipe,name=trytond;urp;StarOffice.ComponentContext') this is the code in 
the link configuration.html is this right setup?

Then I have also set the extension to Portable Document Format, I done this 
through Administration > User Interface > Action > Report. is this what you 
are referring to [Your ir.report record must have pdf extension selected]?

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