Dear Chad,
        I live outside the "world" in any sense. I received your email concerning the fact that you have solved most of the Mailman configuration problems, except for the poser you posed.
        Your email reached me with an "appendage" -- not an attachment, but rather, appended text-in-a-printed-box: "This message has been 'sanitized'. This means that potentially dangerous content has been rewritten or removed. The following log describes which actions were taken."
        The log, of course, makes no particular sense to me.

        Since the Mailman program and I-don't-know-what-else in the domain appears in question, I don't know how to send you back your message, intact, so you can see how it came through to me. So I've tried the tactic of sending this email both to your personal address ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) and to the [tslug] listserv.

        If I can support, or assist, you in any other way, please let me know. My contact information should appear at the bottom of this email, as a "signature". If it doesn't, you could email me or call me at 627-2519.

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