Justin West wrote:

Its time for me to switch to a different flavor of linux. Iâm wanting to use a stable 2.6 kernel that also comes with the newest versions of GIMP and OpenOffice.

Iâm not opposed to Gentoo, if there is an install that comes with GIMP and OpenOfficeâ. If not, what other distros are there that would satisfy my cravings?

Gentoo is an excellent choice... Since you are on campus, you can get all of the gentoo packages/updates/etc. from Don's convenient local mirror. OpenOffice and GIMP are only a simple emerge away once you're all set up. OpenOffice has the choice between compiling totally from source or from a pre-compiled binary (saves mega-time for quick install).

SuSe might also satisfy those needs...for sure in terms of having GIMP and OpenOffice, but TLTIC SuSe still used the 2.4 kernel, and the 2.6 was only available as a separately-installable add-on.

Then there's Fedora, which theoretically _could_ give you most of the up-to-date-ness of Gentoo with the easy wizard-like install. You'd have to ask some of the others more about it though...who cares to chime in?


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