Ross Day wrote:
Justin West wrote:

Its time for me to switch to a different flavor of linux. Iâm wanting to use a stable 2.6 kernel that also comes with the newest versions of GIMP and OpenOffice.

Iâm not opposed to Gentoo, if there is an install that comes with GIMP and OpenOfficeâ. If not, what other distros are there that would satisfy my cravings

You're an FC1 user now, right? I'm still on FC1 and I upgraded to the 2.6 kernel. All you have to do is find an rpm and use that.

Also, you can always go FC2 if you still like it. It uses the 2.6 kernel. I like fedora for introduction to linux use, but if you are feeling more adventurous, try another distro.

For me, though, I don't have enough time to compile anything, let alone my OS.


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