Because there are a couple changes to make regarding *SLUG there is a 
ballot coming up. You guys will have the chance to decide upon the new 
name for TSLUG and we are making the election of the new president 
easier that way too...

** some more feedback for the new TSLUG name would be cool.
** send in your nominations...


Peter Snoblin wrote:

>Jason Miller wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> What will TSLUG's new "official" name be, now that the University
>> says no student organization can begin it's name with "Truman
>> State..."?
>This was brought up at yesterday's meeting, and while we bandied about 
>such names as !TSLUG and similar jokes, the final decision was to not 
>make one at the moment. I beleive that Dr Bindner and Alex are looking 
>into the exact details of the policy change, and once they've got a 
>handle on it, a call for nominations for new names will be issued. Once 
>a few have come in, an email based (I believe) vote will be conducted.
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