Alexander wrote ..
> Well, even though I might have some trouble/strange feeling prouncing 
> it for the next coming days it's good that we finally have a name again.

The tag in majordomo should be changed as well. And the unsub footer.
And the website. And heck, maybe even a s/tslug/fsck/g on the archives.

And I don't see what the big deal is on the pronunciation.

When I've pronounced "fsck", it sounds like "physic".
What are you people confusing it with?
I never did get that " .... just fsck it" joke.

I also think that with "Free Software" as the first part of the new name, some special 
effort needs to be made that FSCK is not a warez group.

And also that the "Free" means as in speech, and not as in beer.

For example Sveasoft's software for the Linksys WRT54G is GPL, but it is certainly not 
free of charge.


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