All right...2 days passed -- no official objections to the name, but no 
"move to amend it" either. 
Things gotta move along because of the deadline the university gave us 
(Sep 15th).

>FSCK beats FSA   15-9
>FSCK beats OSIX  16-11
>FSCK beats SOFAS 16-7
>FSCK beats FSC   16-7
>FSCK beats KAFS  17-7 

Concluding that the name FSCK (Free Software Club of Kirksville) was 
voted to be our new name, I move that "Truman State Linux Users Group" 
(TSLUG) be amended to "Free Software Club of Kirksville" (FSCK) in all 
of the organization's documentation, including the consititution.

>Then a second.

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