One problem with Lighty is that it leaks memory like a sieve [1]. I
audited it for a little bit and I gave up, it's a mess. I'd steer
clear of it, it will quickly ruin your day if you throw a lot of
traffic at it.

The only solution I know of that's extremely high performance that
offers all of the features that you want is nginx [2], but its
documentation is largely in Russian. I can't read Russian, but I was
able to figure it out (the configuration language isn't Russian,
neither is C source). I currently have nginx doing reverse proxy of
over tens of millions of HTTP requests per day (thats a few hundred
per second) on a *single server*. At peak load it uses about 15MB RAM
and 10% CPU on my particular configuration (FreeBSD 6).

Under the same kind of load, apache falls over (after using 1000 or so
processes and god knows how much RAM), pound falls over (too many
threads, and using 400MB+ of RAM for all the thread stacks), and
lighty *leaks* more than 20MB per hour (and uses more CPU, but not
significantly more).



On 8/24/06, venkatbo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks Cliff, for your observations.
> Basically, I needed to provide support for:
>   -  HTTP/1.1
>   -  SSL (openssl)
>   -  (Fast)CGI
>   -  chroot()
>   -  sessions
>   -  static content
> I thought lighty would be providing all except the sessions part,
> which I was hoping to make it disk/file-based. The # of simultaneous
> users will be in the 20's. Initially no db invloved (data coming from
> other backend apps), but may have a db later.
> /venkat
> >

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