Thanks Peter.

So the setup script is supposed to generate the "timesheet" script? Because
in the source there is no such file.

Then the question I guess is how to install the package. Do I run the script from where I downloaded it to (e.g. in the Windows
"Downloads" folder, open a cmd-window and do "python"), or do I
have to copy the entire folder structure into the site-packages folder of
my python directory first?


> mpreisig . wrote:
> > how can i use this program on windows:
> >
> >
> >
> > - in a python shell?
> > - in a windows cmd shell?
> > - using cygwin or something similar?
> Did you follow the instructions on the page you linked to?
> "timesheet" is a script, so once it's installed you can either run it
> the windows cmd shell or cygwin's bash. The latter has the advantage that
> supports bash completion if you follow the instructions on the above
> i. e. when you type
> $ timesheet su
> and hit TAB the shell will turn that into
> $ timesheet subject
> [If you run into problems you are welcome to come back with specific
> questions.]
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