mpreisig . wrote:

> Thanks Peter.
> So the setup script is supposed to generate the "timesheet" script?
> Because in the source there is no such file.
> Then the question I guess is how to install the package. Do I run the
> script from where I downloaded it to (e.g. in the Windows
> "Downloads" folder, open a cmd-window and do "python"), or do I
> have to copy the entire folder structure into the site-packages folder of
> my python directory first?

I don't have Windows available to actually test it, but according to the 
docs <>


python -m pip install timesheet

on the commandline should take care of the details. On my (Linux) machine 
this also installed a script that I can invoke on the command line with

$ timesheet start foo bar
Started task: 
Subject     foo
Title       bar
Start       2016-10-14 18:49
Duration    00:00

If that does not work on Windows there's probably a Windows user who knows 
what to try instead.

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