On 04/15/2018 03:13 PM, Chris Roy-Smith wrote:
> On 15/04/18 23:36, Alan Gauld via Tutor wrote:
>> On 15/04/18 14:24, Alan Gauld via Tutor wrote:
>>> OK, I've had a closet look now and can confirm the
>> A closer look! Not a closet look. Ooops! :-/
> Thank you Alan, I have even more to learn than I thought. I have been
> bashing away at several OOP tutorials, but the penny still hasn't
> dropped on making that work yet, I get the concept, but don't seem to
> understand how to make it work for methods. Events just add to my lack
> of understanding. I'll have to try your tutorial. Hopefully I won't have
> too many questions after that.

By all means work through a tutorial that appeals to you!

If there are OOP examples that aren't working for you, the people at
this list can help: just like you did with the tkinter example, if you
post the code, people have something to explain against. There are
plenty of "lectures" on the Internet, we don't need to reproduce that
role :)

Object-oriented features help make Python more powerful, but you don't
have to use them unless they help solve the problem at hand, unlike
languages like C# and Java, where everything is object-oriented by design.

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