I bought two books to help me learn Python. "Python Crash Course" and
"Python for Informatics". I have done all of the basic lessons in "Python
Crash Course", but it has two additional sections to help instill what I
have learned To do those sections I need to install Pygame and make sure I
have 'pip' as well as Matplotlib. I have followed the directions in the
book but can't get anything to download so I can use it.
     For the "Python for Informatics" book I need to have files from the
internet load where I have Python so I can manipulate them, but I can't
seem to get that to work.

     Also, I would like to install Ubuntu on a second drive with Python,
Idle, C language and its compiler so I can also learn Linux. On the Linux
drive, I need to install Kali Linux for a class on Cyber Security.
     I know this is a lot to ask, but I don't need it all at once. I would
appreciate help from someone with experience in downloading all of these
things onto a windows computer with a second drive for Ubuntu and all of
the other software.
     Any help is appreciated, and if I find someone with the needed
expertise, I will happily subscribe on the Python-Tutor Info Page/
Tutor maillist  -  Tutor@python.org
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