On 11/08/18 18:48, Carlos Monge wrote:

> have learned To do those sections I need to install Pygame and make sure I
> have 'pip' as well as Matplotlib. 

If you are using a recent Python (v3.4+) then pip should
already be installed. PyGame comes with a Windows installer
that should set everything up for you.

Matplotlib I don;t know about.

I suggest you work on each one individually.
Let us know what you try and what results you get.
Tell us your OS and Python versions and cut n paste
any error messages into your mails.

Don;t attempt a second install until the first one succeeds.

Start with checking that pip is there (or installing it if not)
Then do PyGae
Then do Matplotlib

>      Also, I would like to install Ubuntu on a second drive with Python,
> Idle, C language and its compiler so I can also learn Linux. On the Linux
> drive, I need to install Kali Linux for a class on Cyber Security.

Do you want Ubuntu or Kali - they are separate distros and
you can't have both at the same time. Since you need Kali
for your course I'd suggest going straight to it.

As for Python packages on Linux you should find that your
distribution has some kind of package manager or software
manager for installing new apps. You should find almost
all the Python libraries and tools are available there
and you can install them that way. It tends to be easier
than using pip etc.

>      Any help is appreciated, and if I find someone with the needed
> expertise, I will happily subscribe on the Python-Tutor Info Page/

That's not how it works. The whole group acts as a virtual
tutor. You post questions here and whoever is available/qualified
jumps in with the answer. That often means you get multiple
(possible different) answers to your question, but the best
will usually become apparent quite quickly.

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