I am interested in the feedback of those here who work in media or
journalism or editing of some kind on how Yahoo News handled this
presentation of a tweet by "Days of Our Lives" star Arianne Zucker on the
Trump Tape (she was one of the women who was the subject of his bragging,
and the target of Billy Bush's pimping):

“I am a strong, independent, hard-working mother, business woman and
partner to a great man,” she wrote. “I have grown to learn that the words
of others cannot effect [sic] the value of my self-worth or define the
content of my character. How we treat one another, whether behind closed
doors, locker rooms or face-to-face, should be done with kindness, dignity
and respect.”

I of course understand if this was a verbal quote given to a reporter, who
then transcribes it and wants to indicate that the subject said "effect"
and not "affect", and does so with "sic". The same goes if the quote is
from a book or hard to obtain periodical or private letter. But in a case
like this, when the quote is obviously a transcription from the subject's
public and easily available writing, and does not really change the meaning
of the passage, don't the quotation marks themselves indicate that
everything inside is as the author wrote them? If the reader is unsure who
to blame, can't they pretty easily go to her twitter account and check for
themselves? It seems like adding sic here is kind of a dick move, and
mostly serves to embarrass the subject for making the kind of mistake that
college freshmen (and many of us who have moved beyond that) everywhere
make all the time.

This is the fist time I have ever heard of Ms. Zucker, and I have no
particular reason to defend her (and the substance of her quote seems more
trite and banal than average to be honest). But it seems a bummer that she
is just living her life, gets blindsided by Trump and Billy B, and then
gets thrown under the bus by some pedantic copy editor. But maybe I am
overlooking something?

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