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> *>>*"For example, imagine a relative of someone killed in a mass shooting
> writes in a tweet: "This death is going to effect our family for a long
> time". Does the AP really need to add a dickish [sic] to point out that
> it's editors read Strunk and White and the ignorant regular person did
> not?"
> >
> >..."point out that [its] editors read"...
> >
> >*mischievous grin*

I am smiling as I read this, but also, yes - this is a great illustration
of my point. What if my post above was for some reason quoted in an AP
story? I am writing here informally and quickly, wouldn't I feel like the
editor was a dick if they put [sic] after my mistaken it's? (Answer: yes, I

Now my relationship to the Twitter is still rocky, and as Joe pointed out,
it may be that a post on Twitter is assumed to be more formal than a post
on a listserv, in which case perhaps my original perception was a bit

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