CBC has been pumping up the promo's for their latest sitcom - Kim's
Convenience.  It's about a Korean family that runs a convenience store in
Toronto.  They were supposed to air the pilot on Sunday, but rescheduled
due to the Blue Jay's ball game (not the debate).

I just watched it and LOL'd a few times.   I asked my 20-yr old daughter to
watch and after the first 10 mins she said "I don't find this as funny as
you do" and then went to another room.

If you can find the pilot online, I suggest you watch it.  There is a
reference to Anderson Cooper.    The main thing I was thinking while
watching it was "oh there's so many of the trump-states that would not like

If you can't find it online to watch, then maybe try this link I might keep
up for a week or so......

.... 700 mb .MKV file.  Use VLC player to watch it if your default doesn't
do it for you.  please be gentle and don't share this link.  I have to pay
for data.


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