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> So happy about this. It has been clear that Dave really liked what
> Seinfeld had figured out with his internet show, and wanted to find some
> kind of way to do his own thing more direct to the audience. Given how much
> he has loved radio over the years I thought he might do some kind of
> podcast, but this is better (for me).

In the years of interviews in the Carson Podcast Mark Malkoff talked to a
number of people who stayed in touch with Johnny after he left the Tonight
Show. They all said he was interested in returning to television. A couple
of them pitched him ideas for a new project and Johnny would expect
interest and say he had to give it some thought. When the person would
follow up, Johnny would say he decided against it. Those who commented
thought that Johnny was afraid of getting involved in something that would
sully his reputation and eventually never returned to TV. I'm glad Dave
didn't psych himself into the same fate.

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