Noting for myself (and many others on my social media feeds) that I found 
Brown's outing an embarrassment of riches of terrible writing from the 
endless and horrifically unfunny cold opening through the terrible Family 
Feud sketch to the horrific 12:55 thing that was one of the worst offerings 
in an already awful season. Brown was indeed game, but even the best actors 
have their limits.

The booby prize of the evening goes to whatever the hell it was Kyle Mooney 
that was doing in his pre-tape. Wow. They should never let him near a 
camera again.

--Dave Sikula

On Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 11:34:49 PM UTC-7, PGage wrote:
> Just going to note that Sterling K Brown was unusually good on SNL this 
> week, and made the show unusually above average. He is a great actor, and 
> it turns out great actors can elevate material, and maybe inspire writers 
> to try a little bit harder. Especially liked the Nickleback sketch 
> -- 
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