And she has transitioned. Mitzi Shore dead at 87.

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 10:40 PM Kevin M. <> wrote:

> ... which is I guess how Pauly Shore is phrasing his mom, the force behind
> The Comedy Store, is near death.
> Lots of tributes from comics on the Store’s Twitter. Even before I ever
> went to see a comic perform there, I’d heard wild stories of the stage-door
> drama of the place. Mitzi was the center of the drama. But she could spot
> talent.
> I have seen a few friends actually perform in the main room, which is
> something I could never do. You name a comic of the past four decades, and
> either they played the main room or they wanted to play the main room. It
> is a comedy Mecca. But the parking sucks.
> --
> Kevin M. (RPCV)
Kevin M. (RPCV)

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