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> I tuned out when I realized Magnum didn't have a mustache. No mustache, no
> sale. (Also, everything else that's wrong with that trailer.)

The thing Tom Selleck's Magnum had going for him was a tremendous amount of
charm which the new guy lacks. The framing for the new series seems to be
the Fast and Furious series. At least I can say I've seen enough just from
watching the trailer.

> On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 2:49 PM, Mark Jeffries <spotl...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> THE NEIGHBORHOOD (Mon. 8)--An indirect response to Kimmel's wisecrack
>>> yesterday about never seeing brown on CBS except Murphy Brown, a whitebread
>>> family from the Midwest moves into an LA hood and hilarity ensues.  Max
>>> Greenfield and Dreama Walker are the honkies, Cedric the Entertainer and
>>> Tichina Arnold aren't.  In-house and with Jim Burrows directing the pilot,
>>> a multi-cam (as I believe every new CBS sitcom is).
Yesterday I was at a conference for community groups. One session I
attended was led by two professors from Pitt and was about re-evaluating
concepts of community in the wake of gentrification. One professor gave a
history of city governance of land use and she noted that cities were not
divided officially into neighborhoods until the 1920s and this became vital
after WWII when the federal government started backing home mortgages and
neighborhoods were in the program or not according to red lines drawn at
neighborhood borders. The second professor talked about the gentrification
process. During the Q & A an older white woman said she lived in a
predominately African American neighborhood for decades and has been happy
there. When she and her husband went to the bank for a home equity loan to
replace their roof they were turned down because the neighborhood their
house was in. I wonder if that would be a storyline in this series.

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