It is not clear to me what builders need to pass before we can merge something.

I expect that all supported "platforms" need to pass, but it is not
clear what are the currently supported platforms.

We have this info in the wiki but it does not help.

In GitHub I can see Travis / Appveyor and OSX from Buildot as "Required"

Is that all?


If I check the "supported" group in Buildbot, I see many more builders.
The problem is that a significant number of slaves are down and those
builders are not available.


Is Fedora still supported and required?


I suggest to use GitHub "Required" marker to document what platforms
are supported.

We don't have time to maintain the infrastructure, so I suggest to
drop support for anything that is not supported by Travis and

I know that this might be disruptive.
I think that we need it in order to raise awareness that supporting a
platform is not easy.
If someone (including me) cares about a platform they should find a
way to help to project supporting that platform.

What do you think?
Adi Roiban

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