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> We can try Circle-CI.
> They don't offer any free versions. Even for open source.
> When I did the initial work for Twisted with Travis and Appveyor I
> contacted Circle-CI to see if we can get a discount.
> They offered OSX - Seed plan which comes with 500 minutes/month - free.

They advertise this on their site now:

So I would expect Twisted could get it.

Your point about the minutes limit is a good one though.  What is 500
minutes to Twisted?  Around 30 builds?  It seems likely Twisted would run
out most months.  Certainly, maintaining separate coverage and non-coverage
builds would totally blow this limit.  And one of the big advantages of
hosted CI over buildbot - letting third-party PRs trigger builds - would
seem to be out of the question.

> I stopped as the people on IRC told me that Circle-CI is not better than
> Travis.

Presumably at some point this was true.  These days, in my experience,
CircleCI definitely seems competitive.  It has near feature parity (and
more features in some areas), a less crufty configuration system, and seems
better resourced (but this may just be better resource management - eg, the
500 minute macOS limit for free open source users).

Of course, there's also the fact that the macOS Buildbot slaves are
*not* offline
right now.  I know they've gone offline but as far as I know, their
maintainer is fairly responsive to reports of this.  So, is macOS really
part of this problem?

The immediate problem is all of the Rackspace-hosted slaves that are gone,

So maybe what's more interesting is that CircleCI offers a way to replace
those - with either VM or container (including custom-image) builders.


> I am happy to try again with Circle-CI
> ------
> We might go over 500 minutes. I suggest running the tests in stages.
> Run twistedchecker/pyflakes/newsfragment/Ubuntu tests first.
> Only when they all pass we should trigger Windows and OSX tests.
> I am also running the tests on stage... For example, Debian/RHEL/SUSE
> pass 99.99% if Ubuntu pass... so those tests are executed only later
> in the stage.
> ------
> I don't have much time to contribute to Twisted infrastructure, and I
> would like to spend the available time doing reviews and helping
> people contribute to Twisted.
> If there is a better plan, I am happy to go with that.
> Thanks for your time :)
> Adi
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