My web app was flagged by Google two weeks ago as an attack site
though I have never found any malicious links or hacks. Shortly after,
Google unflagged it but then Twitter, I am assuming because of Google
or Google's data, suspended my app's account. Twitter then unsuspended
my app's page but still limits the URLs it can post to Twitter. Since
my app is part a URL shortening and part bookmarking service for
Twitter  this has killed my site. Is there a way to find out what is
happening? Customer service on the @spam side has been non-responsive?
Who do I talk to about getting white-listed? Is there someone to talk
to? Are apps like mine (bookmarking and URL shortening) no longer
wanted by Twitter? I am certain that my site is clean. I have even
installed a link checking function that checks all the links against
Google's list before they are accepted or posted to Twitter.

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