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On Jul 6, 2:10 pm, Doug Williams <> wrote:
> Please email the API team for questions pertaining to development or
> application accounts [1].
> 1.
> Thanks,
> Doug
> On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 10:40 AM, tweetalkr <> wrote:
> > My web app was flagged by Google two weeks ago as an attack site
> > though I have never found any malicious links or hacks. Shortly after,
> > Google unflagged it but then Twitter, I am assuming because of Google
> > or Google's data, suspended my app's account. Twitter then unsuspended
> > my app's page but still limits the URLs it can post to Twitter. Since
> > my app is part a URL shortening and part bookmarking service for
> > Twitter  this has killed my site. Is there a way to find out what is
> > happening? Customer service on the @spam side has been non-responsive?
> > Who do I talk to about getting white-listed? Is there someone to talk
> > to? Are apps like mine (bookmarking and URL shortening) no longer
> > wanted by Twitter? I am certain that my site is clean. I have even
> > installed a link checking function that checks all the links against
> > Google's list before they are accepted or posted to Twitter.

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