I am working on a Twitter-based game and I realize I might have a
problem with limits. I want the players to submit moves via dm and
send the results back via dm. It seems to me sending results via dm is
better than sending a @reply, as @reply might spam too many uninvolved

Not supposing that the game becomes wildly popular, but just in case,
is there any chance of improving the dm limits? Otherwise only very
few games could be played every day.

In general I see a problem for "individual" services, like for example
reminder bots. What other options than dm's would there be?

I suppose for the game I could make it so that users don't follow the
game bot and send back @replies. But then they would have to hit the
"@replies" screen to see game results. I'd prefer a more instant feel.
Also, then I might run into the following limit.


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