Gee, what do you guys have against Ducks? LOL, Just kidding, and all
jokes aside, I do have to agree also with a profanity filter as I run
a "rated G" public site also and I hate it when profanity starts
showing up on my site (in my feed apis). As mentioned above I have
been playing with a cussbusting array of "bad_words" to check for and
since the twitter API is not restricted like Googles where you can't
alter the results order this seemed like a possibility, but as also
mentioned it is hard to implement also in certain cases.

There are times in our language when normally bad words appear in non
bad contexts like (sticking with your duck theme ;)) 'flock' where you
want to filter out 'big flock' but not ban someone for having the name
hanflock or something like that example. But seems with my ajax
comments forms people can also find ways around it and also be vulgar
with out using bad words. (I agree, it's hard to have nice things when
ppl go out of their way to rain on your parade)

So, long story short and to the point, would it be possible to have in
your Twitter account settings a check box similar to how Google has
one for "pornographic" sites but have one for "uses profanity" and we
can then use a filter in our queries like "&profanity=0" or something
to that extent and people found using profanity in "rated G" tweets
may have their account suspended until they change their content
rating setting?

Just a thought, and I am also open to others suggestions also :)

Vision Jinx

On Jul 17, 9:38 am, Matt Sanford <> wrote:
> Hello there,
>      There is no stemming available for search (which is the {ducking}  
> -> {duck} conversion). We've talked internally about the profanity  
> issue before so it's something we're aware of. We'll announce  
> something here once we have a plan.
> Thanks;
>   – Matt Sanford / @mzsanford
>       Twitter Dev
> On Jul 17, 2009, at 8:34 AM, lukeMV wrote:
> > I have a few questions:
> > I am using API to publish my search query onto a web page. Because the
> > web site is a public site, I don't want profanity. I found that I can
> > eliminate certain words with the "-"... but I also found that my API
> > stops working if I have too many queries... is there a simple query
> > that will block variations of a word. For example:
> > -duck (I want to block "duck")
> > is there something I can type (for example -{duck}) that blocks:
> > ducker, ducking, duckeroo, unduckingbelieveable etc?
> > Thanks!!!!

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