I'm working on a program which update periodically some Twitter
accounts avatars.
Here is the process:
while True:
  GET http://twitter.com/users/show/myuser.xml
  GET avatar located at the url specified in the profile_image_url XML
  Make some change to the avatar
  POST the new avatar on http://twitter.com/account/update_profile_image.xml

  sleep(some time)

While the program sleep (between two avatar processing) the user can
upload manually a new avatar.

My problem is that the value profile_image_url is often outdated an
when I try to download the current user avatar using this value I get
a 404 error.

I guess the address of the avatar is cached, but after how long the
users/show page contains the new value? Is there a way to always the
get the current (displayed on the twitter.com user profile) avatar ?

Thanks !

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