I asked the same thing just a few days ago, I even created a
suggestion ticket for it but the suggestion got closed:


I do think this needs to be addressed but it sounds like its not a

On Jul 20, 10:10 am, Jesse Stay <jesses...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Something appears to have changed recently, perhaps a quicker timeout, or
> maybe Twitter's just getting overloaded, I can't tell.  The solution isn't
> optimal though. I can't seem to get followers/ids without a page parameter
> to work with anyone above 100,000 followers.  I have to resort to the page
> parameter in that case, and I'm still not sure if 100,000 followers is the
> actual number to tell you the truth. (100,000 followers really isn't that
> much compared to some of the larger users on Twitter)
> Somehow we need a better way to tell when we should resort to the page
> parameter, and when we shouldn't.  When we should, it would be optimal if we
> could increase the results per page to closer to that limit.  As of the
> moment, it takes 20 requests just to get all the followers of someone with
> 100,000 followers.  Not only that, but the results returned are often
> inaccurate, or certain pages don't return anything at all.  Getting the list
> of followers for someone with that many followers has become completely
> unreliable, and those users are starting to notice (across many apps).
> Ideally, it would be nice if we could get the single followers/ids method
> without page parameters to work for every user on Twitter (maybe more
> compression, perhaps returning as a binary object we can parse back into
> text, or whatever works).  If that's not possible, is there a way Twitter
> can bump up in priority getting the page calls fixed, and perhaps with many
> more followers per page?  Ideally, the max per page ought to be the maximum
> number of followers allowed before the page parameter is called.  As of the
> moment, that call is almost useless.
> Jesse

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