I think that you should look at tr.im. They make it rather clear that they have no intention of ever doing something like this. Their API is really nice to work with.

I had one issue that I exceeded their limits on a non API key account, and my IP was blocked. It took them way too long to deal with solving that, and support was not of any help. I finally just waited the few days to get my IP block released.

That being said, any url hijacking is counter to the entire way tr.im wants to make their system work. I also find their site, and the integration with twitter, to be very nice. They have some pretty good stats and charts, as well as solid preferences to customize how it all works for you.

You can even tell tr.im to go get all your previous tr.im url's and bring them into your account. It is fast, and has had the least downtime for me aside from tinyurl. TinyUrl is nice, but I feel I need the extra characters when I only have 140 - username - @ - url.

I do not have any affiliation with tr.im, I just like how they operate and how their system works.

On Jul 20, 2009, at 1:45 AM, Vision Jinx wrote:

I just hate the way some services have to quickly follow trends and
does this mean other short url services are going to port all traffic
to their sites now and force people to sign up and create accounts
there? (and increase the number of ads they are serving)

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