You can always verify the whitelisted status of your IP or user
through a call to account/rate_limit_status. For instance, here are my

doug$ curl -u dougw:PASSWORD
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <reset-time type="datetime">2009-07-21T08:29:35+00:00</reset-time>
  <remaining-hits type="integer">19995</remaining-hits>
  <hourly-limit type="integer">20000</hourly-limit>
  <reset-time-in-seconds type="integer">1248164975</reset-time-in-seconds>

Notice the hourly rate limit of 20000 indiciating my account is
whitelisted. Removing the authentication will give me the results for
my IP address:

doug$ curl<?xml
version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <reset-time type="datetime">2009-07-21T08:27:45+00:00</reset-time>
  <remaining-hits type="integer">148</remaining-hits>
  <hourly-limit type="integer">150</hourly-limit>
  <reset-time-in-seconds type="integer">1248164865</reset-time-in-seconds>

The hourly limit here is 150 indiciating my IP is not whitelisted.

For completeness, our rate limiting article is here [1]. Again,
whitelisting does not ensure your users will not get suspended.
Whitelisting only affects rate limits.



Do you follow me?

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 12:29 AM, sjespers<> wrote:
> Thanks for looking in to this and for unsuspending my account.
> Did you also confirm that the server I am working from is whitelisted?
> How can I make sure that it is? If it's not, then I won't be able to
> release my application because everyone will get suspended who uses it
> then?
> Thanks,
> Serge
> On Jul 20, 11:11 pm, Doug Williams <> wrote:
>> Serge,
>> Looking at the account I'm not quite sure why it was suspended. The
>> records are inconclusive. I've unsuspended the account.
>> For posterity's sake I'll repeat that whitelisting will not protect
>> you from suspension. Whitelisting raises select REST API limits.
>> Thanks,
>> Doug

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