Section 5) ii) b) and e) of the Gardenhose EULA cover this issue.

On Jul 22, 3:41 pm, braver <> wrote:
> After we lost a few days of gardenhose, I'm wondering whether it would
> be OK for us gardenhosers to back up each other.  In case we do
> research, for instance -- as we do at Dartmouth.
>  I suggest the following: say you lost a day or a few within the range
> since you were authorized, and are a member of our garden variety
> cooperative.  You ask me to fill you in, and tell me the day you
> started gathering the hose.  I pick a day for which you have data, and
> ask you to verify a few tweets somehow -- e.g. tell me which tweet ids
> there are for a certain user id.
> Would it be OK to self-organize like that, and who'd be our buddy?
> Cheers,
> Alexy

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