I realise there are limits on the number of times an application can
call into Twitter in a given time period.

In the course of my testing though I tend to fire off a lot of
requests, nothing crazy just probably 1 per minute as I'm clicking
through my tests.

Sometimes when I'm testing oAuth Login and logging in/out of the
application, and going back and forth with the Grant/Deny page I am
experiencing 403 Unauthorized errors with the following data in the

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <hash> <request>/account/
<error>Too many requests in this time period. Try again later.</error>

This error is just given for my account, other users don't get this
error. I can log in from the site with another user without issue.

So given that I'm not making that many requests and can trigger this
with just manual clicking, how many are allowed for a given user?

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