Hello, I'm trying to allow users of my website to update their
background using Basic Auth but for some reason it's not updating

the API page says "Note that this method expects raw multipart data,
not a URL to an image." so what I did was use PHP cURL to post to the
xml file the following
// first i get the stats of the image
$image_url = url to image;
$headers = get_headers($image_url,1);
$file_type = $headers['Content-Type'];
$length = $headers['Content-Length'];
// this is what is sent in the curl postfields
$postvars = "image=$image_url;filename=$filename;Content-Type:

I'm not sure if I'm suppose to put the path from the current folder,
or the path on the server.. I even tried the full URL but none worked.
I'm pretty sure the problem is the image path because in the Response
headers it has a 201 OK so Twitter didn't detect a problem.

I've tried to search google and this group for help but I found
nothing helpful. So I thought I could post a new topic. Any help is
greatly appreciated.


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