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> I'm assuming whoever the developer is behind these two sites is also on
> this list. There is a lot of concern among twiytter users about your apps
> sending auto dms to people. It's perceived as abusive and spammy and I
> agree. After getting a "tweaked toucan" in my DM inbox, I wonder why I have
> to put up with this. Unfortunately, unlike Facebook, users can't opt out of
> these spammy things.
> I've asked Twitter to look into your apps, but I'm also making a personal
> plea to figure out another way of doing this and allowing people to opt out
> of messages from your apps. Or better yet, opt in.
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I think AutoDMs are obnoxious except in a few extremely rare cases. TrueTwit
is one of them. You only incur a DM by following someone who wishes to
verify the sincerity of your follow, the intent of your follow. Don't like
it? Don't follow. Want to cry me a river? Either follow less or suck it up.
I'm much more responsive to new, verified followers than I have been to any
given new follow in many, many spam-filled months now.

I'm tired of seeing twitter email notifications about spambots and bambibots
following me. I'd rather you [random person] be irked as a consequence of
following me than me be irked sometimes dozens of times a day by bambi spam.
Are you following me because you have genuine interest and want to have a
conversation? Excellent, then I'm sure the slightly raised barrier of entry
won't be a problem for you.

TrueTwit is the most valuable, useful, awesome Twitter third-party app I've
seen in months. Maybe ever.

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