Obviously the issue is far larger than a normal DDoS attack.

Think about it. Why would they stop white listed Apps and rate limit
these as well as take down oAuth.
There is something else going on and my guess is that besides the
DDoS, it has something to do with spam and or a third party app which
has either been compromised or blatantly cause major issues.

I just wish that Twitter would be honest.

On Aug 7, 2:53 pm, Mario Menti <mme...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the update Ryan.
> One thing I don't quite understand is why it's not an option to allow
> whitelisted applications to post. I will try and throttle our (
> twitterfeed.com) service back, but with nearly half a million of active
> feeds in the system, I can't quite see how this will help, as even a
> fraction of requests will be way over any non-whitelist limits you have in
> place.
> Mario.

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