As an example, we know that the Twitter platform lead is heading out
to sushi with other Twitter folks as of 1 hour ago:

While food is important, would be helpful to also update devs what's
going on, too, before a night on the town?!?!?!

On Aug 7, 7:58 pm, chinaski007 <> wrote:
> Frustrating.  The last official status update on the API issue was 10
> hours ago.  I would like to be able to update our app's users of
> SOMETHING other than "Twitter says they are working on it".  I am not
> touching our code to handle all the new hoops on the assumption that
> those requirements will subside when Twitter gets a handle on
> things... but maybe I am wrong and there has now been yet another
> major API revision that we must frantically code for over yet another
> weekend?
> There's been lots of posts from Twitter saying they plan for better
> communication.  Okay, cool.  But it's Friday night and I am pulling my
> hair out with no new information.  I am sure they are doing all they
> can... but many third-party apps have been broken for 2 days now.  And
> just as Twitter is getting bombarded with emails from developers...
> developers, too, are getting bombarded with complaints/questions from
> customers.  But what sucks is we have nothing to tell them other than
> "we're waiting to hear from Twitter".  So... please, Twitter, update
> us on what's going on?  Are there new permanent API changes we must
> code for?  What is the ETA for whitelisted IPs to work properly?
> Hate to think that another 12 hours are going to go by with API calls
> continuing to fail when I wake up in the morning, and no additional
> updates.
> (Somewhat jokingly: can we get a fund together to pay that Georgian
> dude $5000 or so to hang out on Facebook instead of Twitter?!)
> On Aug 7, 7:32 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> > And by the way, this is after I have modified all my code to jump
> > through all the additional hoops added thus far.
> > I am doing cURL followlocation on all GET calls, and I am doing a
> > custom scripted follow on any 30x's received on POST calls, which does
> > a POST to the redirected URL.
> > Dewald

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