To be honest.

I don't experience any problems.

I can login on Twitter.com via Safari 3 (Mac),
I can post tweets,
I can read tweets from my friends,
I can search
I cannot change my profile-picture (results in a 'Bad Request')

I also use Tweetie. The Mac-app.
This app works perfect with 2 accounts.
I can login, see tweets, post tweets, perform search-commands on twitter

I use also TwitterFon for iPhone.
I can login, I can see tweets etc

So, I don't notice anything from the problems. (hard to say, but it's  
the truth).
only place I notice the problems are in this maillist.

At the moment, I tried the web-app ' http://almost.at ' and it jut  
works ( http://screens.delaender.net/986d874a914206d71971cfad30135758.png 

So at my side: no big problems with twitter.

Note: I'm from Belgium

Kind regards

On 09 Aug 2009, at 09:22AM, dean.j.robinson wrote:

> 99.9% of login attempts simply don't work at all in Firefox 3.5, they
> just redirects to blank https://twitter.com/sessions page
> If by some fluke it does actually login I can't logout to change
> accounts.
> Logins work in Safari, but posting statuses only does occasionally,
> I've tried to update a profile picture earlier, selected my image, hit
> save... waited... nothing... came back and hour later and the page was
> still trying to load.
> Logouts won't work in safari either. "Safari can’t open the page
> “https://twitter.com/logout” because the server unexpectedly dropped
> the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait
> for a few minutes, and then try again." - I've been trying since
> thursday.
> paging works... sometimes
> search works... sometimes
> My oauth app was working fine until I wanted to logout and change
> users... now I can't reauthorize/relogin
> @$%$ those morons who thought it was a good idea to attack that one
> random dude in Georgia cause this whole mess.

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