works consistently now with OAuth and everything.
Whatever you guys did seems to have fixed the problems. Is the DOS
attack still as strong as it was before?

Kyle Mulka

On Aug 9, 3:13 pm, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:
> *Finally* have what we hope is good news for everyone. As of about 10
> minutes ago we have been able to restore critical parts of API operation
> that should have great affect on your apps. As such, most of your apps
> should begin to function normally again. I have tested a few OAuth apps and
> they seem to be working as expected.
> Please test your apps from their standard configs to see what results you
> get and let us know. I am primarily interested in unexpected throttling and
> issues with OAuth.
> I look forward to hearing the results and thanks again for your assistance.
> Best, Ryan

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