My app is also working fine ... just beginning to fire up the crons...

On Aug 9, 4:55 pm, Kyle Mulka <> wrote:
> http://twilk.comworks consistently now with OAuth and everything.
> Whatever you guys did seems to have fixed the problems. Is the DOS
> attack still as strong as it was before?
> --
> Kyle Mulka
> On Aug 9, 3:13 pm, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:
> > *Finally* have what we hope is good news for everyone. As of about 10
> > minutes ago we have been able to restore critical parts of API operation
> > that should have great affect on your apps. As such, most of your apps
> > should begin to function normally again. I have tested a few OAuth apps and
> > they seem to be working as expected.
> > Please test your apps from their standard configs to see what results you
> > get and let us know. I am primarily interested in unexpected throttling and
> > issues with OAuth.
> > I look forward to hearing the results and thanks again for your assistance.
> > Best, Ryan

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