Since we're pimping our stuff... :)

Quitter is a quiet little Twitter client for Windows that provides
- You can filter specific hashtags
- You can filter specific users (doesn't block - just hides their
tweets in Quitter)
- You can filter specific words

Conversely, you can also choose to -highlight- any tweet based on
hashtag, user, or word content as well.

Quitter is and will always be free.

On Aug 10, 10:19 am, "Michael Paladino" <>
> You can always recommend your friends use the "Filter this column" feature
> of TweetDeck.  Not the best solution for your exact scenario, but at least
> it's something.
> You also may want to take a look at a product that my team recently
> developed called TidyTweet (  It allows extensive
> filtering of a search-based Twitter feed and provides the results as RSS,
> JSON, or a javascript/HTML widget for embedding on a website.  At this
> point, we have no way of tying into the individual user timeline, but we are
> working on an API that will hopefully allow other apps to tie into our
> functionality.  This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I
> thought it was relevant enough to include in the discussion.
> Thanks.
> Michael Paladino
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> Sent: Sunday, August 09, 2009 9:19 AM
> To: Twitter Development Talk
> Subject: [twitter-dev] [Feature Request] Hiding certain Hashtags
> Hi,
> what do you guys think about a feature making it possible to hide
> certain hashtags?
> I came across this idea, when the new football season began. My
> followers split up into two groups: Those who like football and want
> to read about it and those who don't like football. I like to twitter
> about football but I'm afraid that some of my followers tend to
> unfollow me because my football noise is too much for them.
> I think it'd be a nice feature to set posts with certain hashtags to
> "hidden" or something like that.
> Just tell me your thoughts - is this nonsense, if so - why? Or does
> this already exist..
> best regards,
> @georgmahr

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